Brass Resin Burner from India

Brass Resin Burner from India

  • $ 12.00

Beauty meets function and form in this gorgeous petite incense burner. 
Our solid brass burner makes filling your home with fine fragrance a breeze. The base is a distinguished matte black etched with golden hued abstract floral and geometric designs, topped with a removable screen for ease of use and cleaning.
It's perfect for charcoal (to burn resin or herbs) and cones.
It comes with a brass screen to place your charcoal disc on and a wooden coaster to protect your surface from heat.
Each burner measures approximately 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.
To use, make sure the screen is placed so that it is like a bowl to hold your charcoal disc. That way, the lit coal won't slide off. This removable screen allows ashes to fall or be scraped into the burner base, while holding your charcoal and incense up where it can get good air flow.

Place your charcoal disc on the screen and use a long lighter or match to light it. You coal is lit once you've seen little sparklies dance all the way across it. Wait a minute or so to make sure it's nice and hot, then add small amounts of incense, herbs, etc on it. You coal disc should stay hot for an hour or so.

This incense burner measures 2 inches wide. It easily fits a 33mm charcoal disc, with room to spare. 


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