Pendulum: Tap Into Your Subconsciousness

Pendulums have been used in magic and divination since way back when.  They’re a very simple method for helping a person to try to gain information.  This tool can also be used for spiritual healing and inner growth.  By pouring your own energy into it, you create a psychic connection to your subconscious to deliver the messages your unconscious picks up.

Some people are afraid of magical tools.  They fear the tool has powers, or that it’s possessed by some entity.  If these are your concerns, you can rest easy—this is not the case.


The pendulum doesn’t know things that you don’t know.  It doesn’t have a brain or a spirit inside of it. The information is actually coming from you.  That’s right—you are the receiver, so to speak. The information you gain from the pendulum is information that you’re picking up psychically on a subconscious level.

The unconscious mind is much more receptive to receiving psychic messages and tapping into universal knowledge (sometimes called the collective unconscious or Akashic records). But usually those messages get jumbled up as they come through all the filters of the conscious mind. These ‘filters’ cause us to ignore details, to doubt, to have prejudices and wishful thinking, so the messages can have a hard time coming through clearly.

By using a divination tool like a pendulum, you’re bypassing that conscious mind and filtering the information through the subconscious mind The subconscious is much less discriminating than the conscious mind. It doesn’t try to analyze the information coming through or fit it into any pre-conceived notions—it just lets the impressions come through as they come to you.


Like most tools, a pendulum only has the power that the user gives it. By pouring your own energy into the pendulum, you create a psychic connection with the tool, so it becomes like a means for your subconscious to deliver the messages your unconscious picks up.

Think of it like a radio.  Radio waves are always in the air, your conscious mind simply can’t perceive them. The knowledge of everything in the universe is broadcast, transmitted in the form of energy. Your unconscious mind is the receiver, it picks up the energy signals. Your subconscious mind is the transducer, it converts the signals into messages.  The pendulum is just an extension of your subconscious, part of the ‘speaker’ through which the message comes to you.

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